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Listening 101: Learning to Listen

Listening 101: Learning to Listen is a online self-paced course designed for an introduction to what it means to become a better listener.

Simply put, by taking Listening 101: Learning To Listen... 

You are on your way to 
becoming a better human!

What makes you say that?
We believe with 100% certainty that if you engage in the material contained in this course and practice the six steps described, you will see positive shifts in both your professional and personal relationships!

How does this course do that?
Each module in this course is divided into smaller sections or "lessons" designed to present information, help you engage with content by allowing you to view a small group experience or complete an activity, and then listen to experts wrap up each module with real-life stories and examples.

What will I do in this course?
Before you check off every lesson in this course and earn your certificate at the very end you will need to:

  1. Identify what you believe about people and create a personal listening statement.
  2. Identify four levels of listening and when to use them as well as factors for creating a space for listening authentically.
  3. Notice how the questions we ask can open up or close down a conversation and create a list of questions for your own personal use.
  4. Understand the difference between attentive listening and compassionate listening and the role that emotions play in listening with compassion.
  5. Explore the concepts of empathy, hope, vulnerability, and respect.
  6. Understand the cycle of self-care and identify self-care actions you can take!

What else will I get from taking the course?
Along with your downloadable pages (participant guide) full of notes and your own personal reflections, we hope that participation in this course will help to create in you

  • Greater empathy & compassion for others
  • Deeper interpersonal connections
  • Increased sensitivity to the needs of others
  • An ability to be less judgmental
  • Increased attention to intentional self-care!