we listen.

Since our founding, listening has been the guiding mission behind Someone To Tell It To. It all starts there. We believe that healing starts there, relationships start there, better things start there—and we're here to show the world how.

Our Mission

Someone To Tell It To cultivates meaningful relationships through compassionate listening, training, and educating others to do the same. Our vision is a world in which everyone matters, everyone is heard, and loneliness is diminished.

Our Work

Studies show that human beings have never been more emotionally and relationally disconnected than at this moment in history. We are in the grips of a global loneliness epidemic, workplaces are fragmented, and yet our deep-seated need for connection during times of grief, hardship, and stress has never been more real.

We work everyday to create hope, healing, and meaningful connection for everyone who needs it and to spread our mission across the world.


Our listening services are at the heart of everything we do.


We offer listening training programs to everyone from individuals to corporations.

Our Podcast

Our podcast shares stories and rich conversations about the power of connection.

Our Books

Our co-founders share their expertise on what it means to listen and why it's so important.

Our Blog

Our blog advocates for and educates others about listening, including stories, tips, and more.




Inherent worth

We believe that everyone has inherent worth and that open, onoing, meaningful connection has the power to provide hope and healing.

Unwavering compassion

We lay aside all prejudices and preconceptions and encourage open and honest sharing, free from judgment.

Safe relationships

We work in pairs in order to cultivate safe, trusting, and meaningful connections.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We live out our mission no matter our age, race, creed, nationality, gender, sexual identity, political identity, social station, or educational status.

Our History

Someone To Tell It To was co-founded in 2012 by Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden. Michael and Tom had been each other’s “someone to tell it to” for years—a constant friend and listening ear in moments of challenge, uncertainty, and everyday life. The organization was formed from their desire to support people in a deeper way and give everyone someone who would listen with compassion.



Our Impact

Since its founding, Someone To Tell It To has had more than 20,000 interactions of compassionate listening and spread our message across the world.

Hope. Healing. Connection.

That is our goal. And we believe that right now—in this very moment—our goal is more necessary and achievable than ever before. People are hurting, connections are fractured, mental health is in crisis, and stress and burnout are at an all-time high—but we also know that there is a growing movement of people desperately seeking the true and authentic connections that Someone To Tell It To has been creating through compassionate listening for years.

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