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Our training programs offer the tools you need to transform your relationship with listening — and the world.

Whether you're looking to improve connection in your own life, your organization, or your community, our innovative, award-winning programs can help you thrive.


Everyone has the ability to become a better listener.

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We train individuals in the 6 steps needed to become better listeners in their personal lives, professional teams, and within their communities.


Groups and Organizations

Our group training programs are designed to answer the question that we frequently get, “What can we do to become better listeners?"



Our corporate partnership programs are proven to increase productivity, build collaboration, and reduce turnover. Learn to listen to your team and acquire the tools to listen to one another.


"Good and effective listening does not start and end with what you do. It starts and ends with what you believe."

—Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden

Someone To Tell It To co-founders and CEOs
from their book Listening 2by2: A Paradigm Shift for Leaders (That’s When the Magic Happens!)

What People are Saying

“I want you to know…you are making a difference here. You are making a difference in me!”


training participant

"Thank you for the most inspirational and motivating workshop I have ever attended. I learned, I reflected, and I made connections — all because of you."


college ombudsperson

“I had worked very, very hard and thought I was a good listener for my 38 years of being in business. This training blew me away, the level and depth of the listening I wasn’t doing. I would encourage any leader to take this training.”

—Steve Gift

owner, Gift CPAs


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