Sharing their wisdom and expertise, Someone To Tell It To's co-founders, Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden's books inspire readers around the world with the transformative power of listening.

Listening 2by2: A Paradigm Shift for Leaders

(That's When the Magic Happens!)

"Read this book and I promise you will be a better listener, a better leader, and accomplish far more than you could ever ask or imagine.” — Jon Gordon, best-selling author

This is the story of Jeffrey, a CEO who has been given an ultimatum by one of his top employees: a change in the organization, or she will have to leave.

In his quest to keep his best employee—and, he came to realize, most trusted confidante— Jeffrey has called upon the Listeners: Vivian and Cecile. Together they walk on the path to listening and teach Jeffrey how to improve communication not only at work, but also at home (where Jeffrey is also trying to fend off an impending ultimatum).

Jeffrey soon realizes that change does not happen because it is on a list of things to do. Listening takes intention, it takes patience. And, when no longer considered a soft skill but an integral part of communication and culture, that’s when the magic happens!

Someone To Tell It To

Moved with Compassion

"This book will change you; gently, kindly, and surely...” — Wm. Paul Young, best-selling author

Someone To Tell It To: Moved With Compassion is meant to be read slowly, in small portions. Each of the stories is intimate; they invite readers to reflect deeply on the examples they offer. Compassion requires an intentional consideration of another s circumstances, a grace that recognizes our common humanity in all its beauty and brokenness. While not every story may resonate personally and strongly with every reader, we pray that intentional consideration will move you toward a more empathetic response to the ever-present realities of the human experience.

Someone To Tell It To

Sharing Life's Journey

Our first book, Someone To Tell It To: Sharing Life’s Journey, shares our own stories and the stories of others who are seeking meaning and purpose in their lives, especially when faced with challenges and questions. We are not alone in our fears, or in our feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty. We hope that this book motivates you to create more vital connections in your lives, connections that can be life-giving and soul-enriching, and that can bring peace in the dark seasons we all face.