Listening for Individuals

Sharing your story can start you on the journey to hope, healing, and strength.

We’re here to listen with compassion and acceptance. Let us help you find hope and connection through the life-changing power of telling your story.

Compassionate Listening: What It Means

Recognizing Inherent Worth

We believe that everyone—everyone—has inherent worth and that every story is worth sharing. We practice open and honest sharing, free from judgment, prejudices, and preconceptions.

Building a Safe Environment

Our model of listening is always in pairs. By listening as a team, we’re able to cultivate an environment that is truly safe, trusting, and secure for each individual and that allows for more intimate, deep, and open conversation.

Healing through Connection

Studies show that human beings are more emotionally and relationally disconnected today than ever before. Our goal is to alleviate that loneliness through meaningful, two-sided relationships that provide healing through genuine connection.

"It wasn’t someone analyzing me. It was someone willing to get in the trenches with me, ask me the tough questions, and listen without judgment."


Getting Started: How it Works

1. Contact us

Whatever your needs may be, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us using this form to get started. You’ll receive an email response from us as soon as possible.

2. Build your team

We’ll work with you to create a listening team tailored to your needs (we always listen in pairs). From there, your team will arrange your first listening interaction on your terms.

3. Start your journey

However we meet, you are free to talk about any topic, even if it differs from your original request. You will never be pressured to share or feel judgment.

4. Find healing

We’re here for you if you decide to continue with further listening. Your team will work with you to arrange any follow up or additional interactions.

Pay it Forward

You can make a difference by covering the cost of a listening interaction for Someone in need.

Consider giving the gift of being heard to those that need it most. We never turn Someone away due to financial constraints and we avoid rigid time limitations that may otherwise impact our work.


Ready to begin?

We can't wait to hear your story.